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The Future Of Customer Service

Customer Experience is one of the top competitive differentiators in the marketplace

Your customers are moving to text based communication channels, and so should you.

Staffing for a seasonal or unexpected support spikes is a huge challenge for customer service centers.

What is Conversational AI

A software designed to

simulate a conversation with a human service agent

in interest of providing information or performing actions.

Why Conversational AI


of the average representative’s every day tasks are repetitive. Free up contact center reps for more value added tasks.


handle peak seasons, no more need to - scout, hire & train representatives to handle peak season loads.


human errors.
Get more Control.

Meet the botique.ai way

We compose an agent for you using a wide selection of pre-built modules.

Our solution doesn't require an intrusive research, no digging in your company's historical data and archived conversations.

We know how hard it is for organizations to adopt new technologies, botique.ai saves you the pain.

Available AI modules

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Basic Q&A

Your customers are asking, we have the answers!

botique.ai Q&A Module provides your customers with instant and direct answers to their inquiries and questions. Our platform saves your customers and agents’ valuable time and provides customers with educated answers to their business related questions.

Support & Help

Your customers can’t solve it, we can!

botique.ai Help & Support Module guides your customers and provides the relevant information for all their support and troubleshooting inquires.

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Selling has never been easier! botique.ai Sales module can negotiate prices, send price alerts and complete the entire sales process from end to end while keeping your CRM up to date!


Handling your customers’ billing issues is a complex task, We can ease it!

botique.ai Customer Billing Module answers your customers’ billing inquiries and solves their issues, and integrates securely and seamlessly with your company’s billing system to ease the load,

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Content Discovery

Want to promote your content, offer products or promotions? We can be your platform!

botique.ai can provide your customers with personalized recommendations on content based on their personal preferences, taste, and interests.

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Collect Information

Are your agents spending most of their time asking customers the same questions over and over in order to collect information?
botique.ai “Collect Information” AI module collects all the information needed from your customers and sends it to your organization’s systems.

Context Based Conversation Engine

In order to actually simulate a human like conversation and not just a single sentence command user interface and we need to leverage context into the conversation.

Multi language support

Your customers are speaking a variety of languages? No problem, our platform is the only conversational AI platform that fully supports all Latin based languages and Semitic Languages (Hebrew and Arabic)

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botique.ai is platform agnostic, you can publish our AI anywhere, whether you want to work on SMS, Email, Chat Bots, App and Websites, botique.ai can fit there.

Canonical meaning representation language

In order to answer your customer's questions an AI algorithm has to be trained - but there are so many questions!
botique’s AI algorithm ‘CMRL’ extracts multiple meanings from each user sentence and is able to compose educated answers to unexpected user questions.


Unlike other AI tools botique.ai easily integrates into the workflow of existing service centers without extensive language training or commitment of company resources. botique.ai uses a wide selection of multi-purpose, customizable, ready-to-use AI modules to compose a digital agent that fits the business exact needs.